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Bad Timing - 07:07

Issue de l'album: Pocket Revolution   Bad Timing (single)   Selected Songs 1994 - 2014 (best of)   

Musique: Tom Barman

Paroles: Tom Barman



A savoir

Cette chanson est inspiré d’un film des années 80 qui porte le même nom que la chanson, réalisé par Nicolas Roeg avec Art Garfunkel et Harvey Keitel.


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Everything is quiet
There, in a pool of light
I would have sworn that she had died
I’m telling you
In all that I will say
In every move I’ll make
You’ll see that I don’t fake
Even if I wanted to
She passed it on to me
She walked into my life
The ridiculous and sublime
Beneath the lowered sky
She fell in love
And passed it on to me
I threw it all away
Like a record that you don’t play
And all the hurt I saved
Well, time had come
I passed it on to her
Do you realize?
Do you realize?
To look into her eyes
And to let her go
To pass it on to him
Now everything was quiet
I would have sworn that she had died
And I didn’t even try…
(Was it bad timing?)
Now all you want to hear
Is everything you fear
So don’t you come too near
Cause everything you need
You’ll get from her