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Easy - 06:38

Issue de l'album: Keep You Close   

Musique: dEUS

Paroles: Tom Barman



A savoir




When your heart is wilting
And your chips are down
When your soul is pining
For a friendly sound

When you curse the sun
For its easy ray
And you eavesdrop
On yourself that way

Give your heart a little pause
You are more than your flaws
Get it out of their claws
Every breath that you draw
Will be easy

So you think a mountain
And the sea
You escape your own
Away from the occupier
He stole your spark
Now he wants your fire

Oh my love where you been
I am trying to come in
From the cold gambling
Cause my heart needs a win
Make it easy

Every step that you trace
Every dream you will chase
Give your heart a little space
You will find that your days
Will be easy