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Fell Off The Floor, Man - 05:13

Issue de l'album: In A Bar Under The Sea   No More Loud Music (best of)   Selected Songs 1994 - 2014 (best of)   

Musique: Barman / De Borgher / Ward / Carlens

Paroles: Carlens / Ward / Barman / Trouvé



A savoir

Le producteur Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart, PJ Harvey, ect…) joue avec le groupe sur quelques pistes de l’album.

Scott Mc Cloud est un des membres des géniaux Girls Against Boys, distribué en Belgique par BANG!
C’est lui que l’on entend parler pendant les premières de la chanson. Cette partie est coupée sur la version remixée par Mike Simpson (Dust Brothers).


Eric Drew Feldman : hammond, percussion
Scott Mc Cloud : philosophy


[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiPP341E2rQ&feature=share&list=PL4446BECB0047AE39″]


Rubbadub a tub fish / Ping Pong
Sneakin’ in the dead zone / Boneyard
Sippin’ on a catlap / Sing Song
Trimming off my nostril hairs / Headcase
An angel in a mellowcake / Courtpie
Rubbin’ like a pussycat / Gridlock
A stone within my eyeball / Too too
Singing like a tomtit / Stop cab
Entering a smokey barroom / Hey you
Smuggling a wombat / Rubbaday
Chewing on my necktie?
Tumbling in the margerine / Heroine
Hidden in the ribbongrass / Too too
Actin’ like a baby / Headcase
I don’t need no thoughts in me don’t you wanna rescue me?
There’s a little light below, go there when I want to go
Wanted by the bumbledom / Ping Pong
Trying to pry the red shoes off / Headcase
Licking on my ice cream cone / Heroine
Surfing in the kitchen sink / Rubbaday
Sippin’ on a diet coke / Hey dude
Tanglin with the intercrop / Tip Top
Change a tenner for two fivers?
Rita Hayworth
Going out to steal a ruby
Looking like a rayon, love to keep it indoor
They all got a say on, falling off the damned floor
Succulent but sucked in, alway I’ll be in for
One thing to be tucked in, falling off the same floor