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Sun Ra - 06:40

Issue de l'album: Pocket Revolution   Sun Ra (single)   7 days, 7 weeks (single)   

Musique: dEUS

Paroles: Tom Barman



A savoir

Enregistré avec le l’ancien line-up et avec Stef-Kamil en guest pour les voix, Sun Ra parle de pensées qui vous assaillent et ne vous lachent pas au moment de vous endormir.

Le producteur anglais Brendan Lynch a fait deux remixes de cette chanson, sortis en nombre limité sous forme d’un vinyle 10″.


Craig Ward: guitar
Danny Mommens: bass
Stef Kamil Carlens: backing vocals


pas de clip


Would you go outside
I asked you to leave
I had enough of this ruckus
I wanna sleep
You say you’re feeling lonely
I got to agree
I feel it coming slowly
Slowly to me
Here comes, here comes the night train
Making a point in conversations
That I’ll never hold
Protect myself from rumours
That will never be told
Choking on beauty
I usually don’t even see
I’m living life through someone else
Looking at me
Here comes, here comes the night train
Now all the evil things I done
And all the harm I ever did
Stand right before me
Eyes wide open
Where were they hidden?
I’m gonna rip it up
Bring it down
Send it to hell
Somebody teach me something new
Somebody as guilty as me
Can break this spell
Here comes, here comes the night train
(Make it stop, oh I can’t make it stop it’s on again)
Get up
Put up
Open your eyes
Let the black-blooded vein
Come to your brain
Angels round here don’t sing
They have a curse upon me
The shame
The lovers
The tricks
The blessings
The rebound
The future
Is used
It feels like you used it up
I look at you
I pity you
I dream of you
What are you?
Drop a name
Leave it there
Bruise a heart
Leave it there
Pay the entrance
Leave it there
Get some style
Cut your hair
Shouldn’t be this
Shouldn’t be that
Take the heat
Take a kick, man
Try to get a grip on these times
Cause the harder that I chase
The harder you’re running
You don’t have to be
Impatient for something that ain’t coming