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You Can't Deny What You Liked As A Child -

Issue de l'album: Instant Street (single)   

Musique: Barman / Janzoons / Ward

Paroles: Tom Barman



A savoir

You Can’t Deny a été apparemment écrit en hommage à la tenniswoman Martina Hingis. Tom est un grand fan de tennis.




She’s a half-breed
She was brought up for the game
And she looks like
And she looks like she can win
Like to see behind her smile
To see what is moving
Like to stay with her a while
To see what is moving
Oh the picture
Oh the photo says it all
But there’s room there
For every man to fall
Like to hide behind her shirt
I bet it is warm there
Like to take her for a flirt
Don’t think there’s any harm there

My friends all say
I’d better play
Another game
Another day

She’s a concept
She’s constructed by her mom
Don’t you see it
Doesn’t that just sound like fun
Oh to be part of her plan
I’m no more than a tool now
Oh to one day be her man
I guess I have to cool down
I guess I have to wait around
For in my mind I work out
A part of me can still be found
Out among the show-outs
Smashing like it’s on the ground
The mass is still pouring in crowds
Working on the lea down – OK

I’m happy
I was brought up just the same
Oh amusing is not part of my game
How do you believe that I fit the shoe
If only I could tell her
Baby can’t you see I’m just like you
Not like any other fella