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The End of Romance - 04:38

Issue de l'album: Keep You Close   

Musique: dEUS

Paroles: Tom Barman



A savoir

“J’avais une mélodie mais je ne trouvais pas de paroles dessus. Je me suis dit : je vais parler. Il n’y a là rien de très original, mais ce n’était pas si facile pour moi, parce que – ce n’est pas de la coquetterie – je déteste ma voix parlée. L’autre problème, c’est que les paroles deviennent plus lourdes quand tu parles, tu tombes vite dans l’emphase. Je me suis mis assez près du micro, je fumais une clope. Gainsbourg, Tom Waits, Dr John, Robbie Robertson : plein de beaux trucs sont sortis comme ça. C’était chouette de travailler dans cette tradition.” (Tom – 16/09/2011)




On the hills behind the Dead Sea
There is a wonder
You were my love from the Holy City
And you were gonna take me there

But I had a change of heart

Now, years later
That wonder has become a symbol
A promise of a world that is safe
Because it isn’t real
It is its own dream
Like a destination without the journey
Or like a prize without the fight

It seems that this red rose rock
That I only know from pictures
Has been carved out of pure love
That I only know from books

And it outlives us
There in the valley
Being its own timeless dream
Red and rose

Sometimes the truth is mild and simple
Not a flood or a big wave, just a ripple
So you stir it up
Cause for some reason
You want it to wash over you

The truth is
The memory of you fades
And the wonder, it’s still there
Untouched, unseen
And stark as ever

Oh Stephany
Why do we always need a mystery
Why can’t we see a little history
Before it’s much too late
Oh Stephany
I’m only letting this wash over me
Before you fade away